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XML Sitemaps Submission and Robots Text File

Sitemaps Autodiscovery With Robots Text File Ever since the beginning of internet and search engines, the robots.txt file has been how website owners and their webmasters could tell search engine crawlers like GoogleBot which pages and content should be ignored and left out of search results. This was the situation for many years until Google… Read More »

Complete Guide to XML sitemaps

XML Sitemaps Protocol Summary The XML sitemaps protocol was created by Google to assist search engines in crawling websites. This file format uses XML for describing its content, a list of URLs in a website, and it usually referred to as XML Sitemaps. The original concept was created by Google, and was therefore in the… Read More »

Create Image and Video Sitemaps for Google

Image and Video Sitemaps In this article we are going discuss how to create two popular XML sitemap formats, image sitemaps (first half) and video sitemaps (second half). Both types can often help your website to increase its traffic through blended search and/or specifc image/video search. Note: As both the Google image sitemap and Google… Read More »